Child Protection Law

The Children’s Aid Society is a government agency which is mandated to protect the children of our community from all forms of abuse and neglect.

It is obligated to investigate all reported situations in which a child may be in need of protection. In some instances, that child will be apprehended by the Children’s Aid Society and placed in a place of safety usually a foster home or a group home. In some instances, the child is returned to the parents or family subject to a supervision order.

In all cases where a child is apprehended or where the Children’s Aid Society otherwise becomes involved with a family, the parents are entitled to representation in order to effectively resolve the situation.

I represent parents and families where the Children’s Aid Society has become or is threatening to become involved.

Child Protection Law Practice Areas

  • Contesting Protection Applications
  • Contesting Status Review Applications
  • Care and custody hearings
  • Temporary care agreements

  • Voluntary agreements
  • Mediation
  • Family Group Conferences
  • Circle of Care

I assist parents and interested parties in contesting Protection or Status Review Applications commenced by the Children’s Aid Society, or in otherwise helping to resolve these most difficult situations.

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