Children’s Law (OCL)

In all Family Law cases where children are involved, the most important person in the proceedings is the child.

I provide independent legal representation for the child(ren) in these proceedings.  This representation is for all minors (persons under the age of 18) in personal rights cases, and includes child protection cases commenced by the Children's Aid Society and custody/access matters.

My services are provided on either a private retainer basis or through the Office of the Children's Lawyer (OCL).

I refer you to the Office of the Children's Lawyer Website at for more information. As stated on their website, the cases for which I provide representation for children are as follows:

A. Child Protection Cases

Protection proceedings in court occur when children may be in need of protection for many reasons, including abuse and neglect, and therefore may be removed from their families by the Children’s Aid Society (or Family and Children’s Services) through a court order. The Children’s Aid Society, the child’s parents or other caretakers usually have their own lawyers to represent them in court. In these cases, the court may request the appointment of an independent legal representative for a child under the Child and Family Services Act.

B. Child Custody and Access Cases

Court proceedings about child custody and access are usually between the child’s mother and father. In most cases, the parents have lawyers who represent them in the case. Where there is a dispute before the court about the child’s custody or access, a parent or the court may request the appointment of the Children’s Lawyer under the Courts of Justice Act.

C. Child support

In some cases where a child has withdrawn from parental control, that child may have an opportunity to seek support from his or her parents. At Notturno Law, I represent children who are personally seeking orders of child support from their estranged parents.

Every child's voice deserves to be heard.

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